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Reddit bans 1000 ‘suspicious’ Russian-linked accounts – Reddit’s 2017 transparency report and suspect account findings

„I’ve mentioned before that we’re cooperating with Congressional inquiries. … In my post last month, I described that we had found and removed a few hundred accounts that were of suspected Russian Internet Research Agency origin. I’d like to share with you more fully what that means. At this point in oRedditur investigation, we have found 944 suspicious accounts …“
Transparency Report 2017. Reddit
1. Requests for User Information
2. Requests for Content Removal
Reddit bans 1000 ‘suspicious’ Russian-linked accounts. Lydia Morrish and … Wikitribune

A strategy for NATO’s expansion and transformation (1993)

A strategy for NATO’s expansion and transformation. From Davis to Warren Christopher. U. S. Department of State. 1993. 13 S. [getr. Zählung]
1. Needed: American leadership for NATO and Europe.
2. A strategy …
NATO expansion: what Yeltsin heard.
Russian president led to believe Partnership for Peace was alternative to expanded NATO.
Documents show early Russian opposition to “neo-containment;“ more U.S. assurances to Russia: “inclusion not exclusion” in new European security structures.
Comp. and ed. by Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton. National Security Archive

Russland: Aide-Mémoire zwecks Erläuterung der realen Situation im s.g. „Skripal-Fall“

Aide-Mémoire zwecks Erläuterung der realen Situation im s.g. „Skripal-Fall“. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
„Russland erklärt, dass es keine Chemiewaffen gegen Großbritannien einsetzte“. Fragen, die Russland gerne klären würde.

In the twenty-first century „the very ‚rules of war‘ have changed“. Russland (2013)

The value of science is in the foresight. New challenges demand rethinking the forms and methods of carrying out combat operations. Valery Gerasimov. Translated from Russian by Robert Coalson. In: Military Review. – 2016,Jan./Feb. , S. 23-29

Ценность науки в предвидении. Валерий Герасимо
In: Военно-промышленный курьер. – 8 (2013),476, S. 2-3

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Russia changes the rules of warfare, perfecting ‘hybrid war’

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons – Statement on behalf of the European Union

Statement on behalf of the European Union. By H.E Krassimir Kostov. Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the OPCW. Eighty-Seventh Session of the Executive Council 15 March 2018. 1 S.